Dental Bonding and Filling

Dental bonding and white filling services at Unique Dental of Framingham.

Dental Bonding Framingham

Framingham | Dental bonding is a popular method used to improve the shape or size of a tooth with composite resin material. It is similar to veneers but more affordable and non-invasive. The procedure is simple. In summary, an adhesive gel is placed on the tooth while the resin is molded and sculpted onto the tooth. Next, the material is hardened with UV light. Finally, the material is polished and the tooth is restored.

Dental Filling Framingham

In addition, composite resin material can be used to fill teeth affected by cavities. This method is highly preferably over the darker alternative known as amalgam. Patients can now fill cavities using this tooth-colored material for a less noticeable procedure. In fact, it is more cosmetically pleasing and effectively restores the tooth.

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